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We create the perfect headshot for your business purposes with prices starting at just $295


Family portraiture, Landers Photography

When was the last time your family had a real, professional family portrait created? More than a year or two? Then contact me right away! –call 210-663-0558 or email: [email protected]

Your family means the world to you, but its changing soooo fast! Don’t you wish you could hold on to special moments forever?

Memories are the most valuable things you own

Sometimes I think about how fast time flies. I feel grateful, and you may too, I have lots of really great photographs of my boys playing soccer, birthday parties, choir concerts, band, plays, etc. Those times will always be precious to me, and I thank God that I have more than just my own memory to help me relive them.

We do it the old-fashioned way: we get to know you first!

We start off by visiting with you, before the photography session! Not on the phone, but in person; How else can we find out what you want and expect? We call this the “design consultation”, but you can just call it a visit. We will chat about where you want to have the portrait created (your home, a park, the beach, our studio, etc.) then we will talk about whether you like images that are “sharp and clear” or “soft and romantic”, we will talk about clothing choices, and more. –the more I know about what you want, the better I am able to create it for you.

Landscape Photography, Family Photography

Session info:

-We usually plan about an hour for the session (could be shorter or longer – it depends on your goals). The photography session can be done in our studio, but I would prefer a location that you choose. -you will find out why this is so important at the “design consultation”.The Simicek Family portrait by Landers Photography
Viewing your images (Proofing)
-View them within three days! We know you are busy, so I take the time to go through each image before you see them and only show you the best of the best.

Re-touching (I call it “Artwork”)

It’s included! We do it right, by eliminating temporary things (pimples, red skin irritations, glare / shine, etc.) and minimizing permanent imperfections (wrinkles, moles, scars, etc). We want the images to look like it was your best day ever!


Choose from two of the best printing materials available today:

Classic print: traditionally processed with top of the line, fade resistant paper. Years of Landers pride and craftsmanship go into every classic portrait

Imperial Canvas: our finest product! Years of Landers pride and craftsmanship go into every Imperial Canvas portrait. This is an artist’s canvas on a stretcher frame that is perfectly suited for hanging over the mantle or sofa in your living room or family room. This is the ultimate in custom portraiture.


Coming soon!


Why would I want to buy a Landers Photography Gift Card?

As a gift to staff or clients:

Your Staff, Clients, and Customers Will Enjoy the Benefits… Show your staff and clients that you value their family with a unique gift: a gift certificate from Landers Photography. A family portrait is something all families should do, but something that none of us do often enough, what better way to reward consumers, clients, and staff than with a gift certificate from Landers Photography? Its a great way to say, “I appreciate you AND your family.”

A gift certificate from Landers Photography is a great way to motivate your staff and your customers.

Call us now to order: 210-663-0558

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